Alex K. Blankenship


Ms. Blankenship was elected sole director, Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer, and President in April 2016 of AngioSoma, Inc., a Nevada Corporation. From April 1983 to February 1986, Ms. Blankenship was employed by Blake Memorial Hospital in Bradenton, Florida as a certified cardiac monitor technician in the intensive care and progressive care units. From March 1986 until December 2002, Ms. Blankenship served as private duty eldercare for numerous patients in Florida and North Carolina. In January 2003, Ms. Blankenship withdrew from participation in the medical care industry to devote time to her daughter and two grandchildren.



Dr. Summers founded and serves as Chairman Emeritus of AngioSoma, Inc. (Nevada), founded in April 2016 in The Woodlands, Texas with intellectual property and various patents owned by Dr. Summers in order to complete FDA trials and bring to market. AngioSoma Inc.’s current focus is Liprostin™, a Peripheral Artery Disease therapy using FDA approved Alprostadil™ packaged inside a proprietary Liposome for controlled drug release. From December 2003 to March 2016, Dr. Summers led Angiomedx, Inc. (Nevada) as its CEO prior to its being succeeded by AngioSoma, Inc.
From January
From January 2004 through the present, in Conroe, Texas, Dr. Summers founded and is President of Natures Instincts, Inc., now renamed Nutra Pharmx LLC (Texas), which holds the intellectual property owned by Dr. Summers returned from both Metabolic Research, Inc and Aikon Holdings, Inc. and Aikon Wellness, Inc., including Stemulite II for Men, Stemulite II for Women, SomniacPM, Staminac-AM, and Proformax-CR. From January 2009 through March 2010 in Houston, Texas, Dr. Summers created the products SomniacPM, Staminac-AM, AlertNRG and ProFormax-CR were developed. The company ceased operations and all intellectual property reverted to Dr. Summers. From December 2004 through March 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada, Dr. Summers was co-founder, CEO and Director of Metabolic Research, Inc. (Nevada, publicly traded on the OTC:BB under symbol “MTBR”), a dietary nutraceutical and fitness supplement company. The products Stemulite for Men and Stemulite for Women were developed, and in 2009 Stemulite became one of General Nutrition Corporation (GNC)’s top ten sellers. The company ceased operations in November 2010. From July 1996 through December 2003 in Montgomery, Texas, Dr. Summers was Founder, Chairman and CEO of Endovasc, Inc., (Nevada, publicly traded on the OTC:BB under symbol “EVSC”), a bio-medical company with products in drug delivery catheters, vascular stents, new stent coatings, resorbable stents using prostaglandin E-1and a controlled drug delivery liposome for prostaglandin E-1 (PGE-1) called Liprostin™, a natural occurring hormone to treat coronary artery disease (“CAD”) which has gone successfully gone through Phase I and Phase II of the FDA’s New Drug Application process. Over $10 million was invested in the portfolio prior to the company being liquidated in bankruptcy in March 2008. From June 1985 through June 1996 in The Woodlands, Texas, Dr. Summers founded and Served as Chairman and CEO of American BioMed, Inc. (Texas, publicly traded on NASDAQ under symbol “ABMI”) a medical device consulting firm, which designed and developed 10 new medical products, which received patents, and submitted 3 medical devices to FDA under Reg 510(k). The company expanded through acquisition and was able to obtain FDA approval of several products. The company was sold to the Augustine Fund, LLC in November 1996.

From February

From February 1978 through April 1985 in Houston, Texas, Dr. Summers founded and was President of ForeRank, Inc. (Texas), a professional engineering consultancy that provided engineering design, fabrication and supervision of contracts in Republic of Panama, Sweden, Denmark, The North Sea (England, Scotland and Norway). From January 1974 through January 1978 in New Orleans, Louisiana, Dr. Summers served as Chief Construction Manager Louisiana Offshore Oil Port for Loop, Inc., a $3 billion off-shore supertanker loading facility off New Orleans in the Gulf of Mexico. From May 1965 through October 1973 in Murray Hill, New Jersey, Dr. Summers served as Mid-West Division Manager for C.R. Bard, a company specializing in urological and cardiovascular products. From March 1962 through March 1965, Dr. Summers served as a Marine Engineer and Construction specialist on offshore drilling and production facilities in the Gulf of Mexico and the Gulf of Paria Venezuela for KBR-Halliburton Marine.
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD, Economics), Kennedy Western University, 1992; 1994; Master of Business Administration (MBA) Pepperdine University, l984; B.S. (Incomplete Physics) and Structural Engineer, 1962-65 University of Houston.


Fellow, American College of Angiology; (FACA) Fellow for over 30 years, American Society of Thrombosis and Blood Diseases, (Fellow, ASTBD) and, Fellow, International Society of Endovascular Specialist; Member, (F, ISES) Society of Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiology; (SCIVR) Member, New York Academy of Sciences;( NYAS) Member Society of Plastic Engineers, (SPE) Member, European Society for Vascular Medicine, (ESVS) Member, College of Physician Inventors; (CPI) Member, Houston Inventors Society, (HIS).